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Real Time SEO Rank Monitoring

Our SERP rank tracking software is a tool to check organic search engine ranking position for any keyword in the google search engine and get an advanced analyzed report against keywords and domains data. Use this keyword rank monitoring tool to check your site's and competitor’s site keyword positions. KPM software provides search position monitoring allows you to know the exact position of a keyword based on a domain name. this software as an easy to use organic rank tracker tool not only allows you to see up to date Google performance in real time for your domain and keywords, It also allows you to monitor your performance day after day and build up a chart about how effective your keywords ranking really are and make data-driven decisions to boost your SEO strategies.

SEO \ SERP Rank Tracker Features

KPM software presents easy and efficient manner to get valuable information relating to your website keywords and designed to save SEO professionals hours of time by making accurate ranking data and reporting more functional.

SERP Trafficx Rank Tracking Software

Real Time, Accurate Results

Rank tracker software runs immediately to get real time and fresh data – no waiting for results and designed to save SEO professionals hours of time by making accurate ranking data and reporting more functional. Get the right data without having to do manual checking on search engines.

User Friendly Design

KPM Software has a very professional user-friendly interface that lets you navigate with the tool easily which helps user better read, understand and share data. Best of all, users don't have to be a marketing professional to understand our data and reports: they're clear, friendly and insightful.

Competitors Tracking

Track competitor's domains and monitor SEO performance side by side with your own sites to gain valuable competitive insights

Manage Multiple Clients

KPM is a project based rank monitoring software with seperating clients by country , region , device search type and even language, in order to better clients management.

Local & Global Rankings

KPM simply enables you to track your google rankings on more than 200 countries, 31,000 regions and 180 languages. you can obtain accurate and geolocated SERP results exactly as a real user would see by localizing search through country, State, District, City, language Parameters.

Mobile & Desktop Results

KPM Software allows you to easily get Google results as they would displayed on a mobile, tablet or desktop browser.

White Label

Make KPM your own with customized logo and branded interface and other customized features provided to service better

Flexible Data Exporting

In every part of KPM that you need to get reports, You can easily export reports in PDF, excel and CSV file

Search Type

KPM Support Google Web, Video, Image, News & Scholar Search, for Showing google web organic results ,Google news and blogs for breaking headlines & news articles , google Videos & Images for ranking position of video & image files and also google scholar for Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, ...

Advanced Report Branding

customize the data and the look & feel of your reports. Feel free to brand them with your company logo and add customer information


Take the hassle out of scheduling searches to run repeatedly. Set up scheduled task run daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly to track projects and viewing ranking results over time.

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You can use our keyword position monitoring software with free trial license to evalute it's features. For using KPM Software with free license please register your mail and download KPM software.

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SEO Rank Monitor Pricing

Our affordable rank tracker software plans suits your budget. The amount you pay for SERP tracking services will also depend on the size of your business and the extent of services you require. While rank tracking costs vary from agency to agency. depend on your scale you can choose one of our plan groups to see related sub plans.


Suitable for site owners with limited keywords for prevent extra cost. obviously for decrease cost, depend on price, some features maybe disabled.


Suitable for Web / SEO developers that support many website or project for search optimization and present related reports.


Suitable For Professional Users With large scale projects and keywords to monitor.


Suitable for SEO agencies with group of specialist developers with large scale projects and keywords to monitor.