Keyword Rank Monitoring Software User's Guide

Easy steps to setup your rank tracking software according to your needs with excellent performance.

User's Guide For Real Time SERP Tracking Software

KPM Rank tracker software is a tool to check organic SERP ranking position for any keyword in the google search engine and get an advanced analyzed report to help users for boosting thier SEO performance. With easy steps setup and customize KPM Software according to your needs in less time with provided user freindly interface.

Activate your license

For activation of software enter your registration mail and key that you received by and click activate button to start registering KPM software. After successful registration software status bar updated with your license data otherwise you get message about problem for example invalid license or expired license etc.

Software Settings

After successful registration set customized settings (options > KPM Settings). “Project Backup Path” is the most important item in settings form . Please set correct path for backup folder where KPM use this path to create KPM backup files before each run. Backup files will be used when user want to restore last local KPM data. By default software create data backup before each run. For disabling this option set “Set Backup Before Search” to “NO”.

Create Projects

Each project in KPM software has it’s own name and settings and depend on license options includes minimum one project. Set correct settings for each projects by selecting country to search, region in selected country , pereferd search language , search type and search device. For correct real time search KPM need this parameters to return correct SERP ranking result to user.


  • By default you don’t need to select region parameter. Use this parameter if you need more localized search result.
  • Use info icon in each project row to assign more details about project. Depend on your license options this information will be use in generating PDF reports.
  • By selecting each project row user can make a copy of selected project with associated keywords and domain as a new project and then edit project parameters & add or delete keywords and domains data.

Set Keywords

Each KPM project has it’s own related keywords. Use keywords form (KPM > Keywords) to create related keywords by selecting project and entering keywords by typing or importing from .xls & .xlsx or csv files.


  • For import from excel files just rename sheet to Import.
  • License limits will be applied for imported rows.

Set Domains

Each KPM project has it’s own related domains. Use domains form (KPM > Domains) to create related domains by selecting project and entering domains by typing or importing from .xls , .xlsx or .csv files.


  • For import from excel files just rename sheet to Import.
  • License limits will be applied for imported rows.
  • Domains can be your domains or your competitor domains.
  • For competitor domains select C.D (Competitor Domains).

Set Search Schedule

Depend on license options user can use scheduling search form (Options > KPM Schedule) to organize searches for each projects with related parameters. Each schedule has it’s own start & end date with different frequency or start time.


  • Scheduling search for selected project will be run at specified date and time if Active parameter selected (Checked) otherwise schedule won’t run.
  • For running active scheduled search KPM software must be run. By right click on KPM icon in Windows try area and selecting System Try , KPM software hide to or restore form Windows Try while its running.

Backup \ Restore Data

For manual backup or restore data use (KPM > Backup) or (KPM > Restore) menus.


  • Backup data use provided backup path in (Options > KPM Settings) otherwise it wont work.
  • For restoring data , select KPM backup file from your Computer and last local KPM Data includes Projects, Keywords, Domains and last ranking result restored to software.
  • Local KPM data uses for showing in software and all search history reside in servers. With click on each keyword in main form ranking history according to license report periods will be accessible.

Reset System

With resetting KPM, all local data and all ranking history related to user’s computer will be deleted for all projects. User can restore KPM backup file for last local data but ranking history won’t be available.

Run button starts querying according to keywords and domains data related to selected project. Each keyword search needs one credit. Search processing will be shown in main form.

Showing Results

After completing the search process, keyword list in left panel updated and with selecting each keyword, last search results and history of rankings will be shown.


  • Context menu for list objects in main software form will be shown with mouse right click in each list and depends on data different options is available.

Generating Report

Depends on license options “ Generate PDF Report” is available with mouse right click on Position Monitoring Tab in right panel of main software form.